No Touch Laser (TransPRK)

What is TransPRK?

TransPRK is a new one-step, incision-free procedure.  Using the one laser, the epithelium (the regenerative outer surface of the eye) is gently removed and the cornea precisely reshaped.  Our state-of-the-art laser concentrates a ‘cool’ ultraviolet light beam and high-energy pulses on the cornea. The laser removes a microscopic amount of stromal tissue, calculated on the pre-operative analysis and determination of the power of your eye. The procedure enables the contour of the cornea to be reshaped in less than one minute.

After the cornea of the eye has been re-contoured, clear contact lenses are used to reduce discomfort during the healing of the epithelium and provide protection for the eye. The contact lenses are usually removed 3-4 days after surgery at your first post-operative assessment. Our Eye Clinic is able to provide the necessary medication to minimise any discomfort during your recovery.

Benefits of TransPRK

› No touch – all laser

› It removes the epithelium more precisely and easily than manual PRK

› The wound surface is usually smaller so it heals quicker

› The epithelium and stroma can be removed at the same time and with greater accuracy

› Overall treatment time is shortened

› It minimises further the risks of corneal dehydration

TransPRK is most effective when:
  • There is an increased possibility of LASIK flap complications e.g. small, deep set eyes.
  • Treating patients who participate in contact sports e.g. rugby, martial arts etc. or engage in activities with enhanced risk of injury e.g. fire officers, police personnel and the armed forces etc.
  • Treating patients who are highly anxious or having a particular phobia about flap creation.
  • There is a need for re-treatment of patients who have had previous corneal surgery.
  • There is a need for preparation of the under layer of the cornea before corneal cross-linking in Keratoconic patients.
  • Treating patients with Moderate Myopia.
Effect on Vision and Estimated Recovery Time

Immediately after the laser treatment, your vision will already be clearer than normal. However, your vision will be slightly blur over the next 3 to 4 days because the surface cells (Epithelium) will take some time to regenerate over the corneal surface which is not as smooth as before. A transparent thin contact lens is placed over the eye immediately after surgery to protect the cornea and speed up the recovery of these epithelial cells. Your vision will continue to improve in the following week and you should be able to see tremendous improvement by the end of this period.

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