Dry Eye (IRPL) Treatment

The E-Eye uses intense regulated pulsed light, or IRPL, which has been designed precisely for treating dry eye caused by MGD. It is the first and only medical device in the world to do this.

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is a type of dry eye disease, which is also sometimes called blepharitis. Tears are made up of three layers and in MGD the oil layer within the tears is thinner and not as stable as it should be, this in turn causes an inadequate production of tears and can also be accompanied with excess evaporation of tears.

There are many treatments that offer short term relief for MGD sufferers, which tend to be artificial tear drops which require constant instillation but now we have something that can offer the all-important long term relief, the IRPL.

The E-Eye device creates polychromatic pulse light using the new IRPL (intense regulated pulsed light) technology. The E-Eye releases a flash of light that is made up of a pulse train, which is flashed on the treatment area (cheekbone and temple area around the eye).

Within this treatment area nerve branches are located and these nerve branches are connected to meibomian gland nerves. When these nerve branches are flashed with the E-Eye (IRPL) it causes a stimulatory response within the meibomian glands and they start to resume secretion of the normal oil layer again and symptoms of eye dryness will disappear.

Accordingly, it will be effective in 80% of patients affected by dry eye disease.

After applying a special gel to both eyelids with IRPL Light Therapy, an IRPL laser application is performed on the skin. Inoperative and clogged napkins open, the patient feels instantly relaxed with a sense of heat.

When the fat layer on the surface of the eye comes back, there is a serious reduction and improvement in dryness complaints.

Treatment is done by laser application on the skin after a special gel is applied to both eyelids. The application lasts a total of 2 minutes for both eyes. The patient will not feel any discomfort or pain during treatment or when going home after treatment.

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