Oral Health

What is Oral Health ?

Oral health touches every aspect of our lives but is often taken for granted. Your mouth is a window into the health of your body. It can show signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infection. Systemic diseases, those that affect the entire body, may first become apparent because of mouth lesions or other oral health problems.

How long does the toothbrush last?

The average life span of a toothbrush for continuous use (twice a day for seven days a week) is three months. After about 200 doses, you need to change your brush; because the bristles of the toothbrush wear out. Curled or broken bristles can not clean your teeth properly. After a few months, bacteria and food particles begin to accumulate in the toothbrush. Make sure you change your toothbrush every three months.

Should I use a dental floss?

If you can not make a habit of using daily flossing yet; you should start immediately. You should use dental floss at least once a day to remove scraps between the teeth that your toothbrush can not reach. Residues that are not removed by brushing and flossing form a bacteria paradise in your teeth. Always use floss at the end of the day.

Should I clean my tongue?

After you brush your teeth, make sure you clear your tongue to prevent bad breath. The tongue cleaner removes the remaining bacteria from the skin. Once you brush your teeth, you can also use your bristles to clean your tongue. It is important to clean the tongue every time you brush your teeth.

Is the stiffness of the toothbrush important?

One of the biggest mistakes is to choose a hard toothbrush because it is believed to clean it better.

If the bristles are too stiff, they may harm your gums. The only thing you need is a brush to remove food particles trapped between your teeth. A soft or extra soft bristled toothbrush should be used.

How should be the dental brushing technique ?

Circular movements are more gentle and effective in clearing the spaces between the teeth. The toothbrush should contact both the teeth and the gums. Large side-by-side movements can damage the soft tissue lining between your teeth and gums. Tilt the brush vertically behind the front and bottom teeth and make soft movements using only the front half of the brush.

How much toothpaste should be used?

The drawing of the enamel layer of the teeth is not about overspray use, but about the granules of the paste used. The long-term use of macros with large granules should be avoided and the amount of putty put on the brush should be of the size of ‘lentils’.

Does brushing with carbonates and salt whiten the teeth?

Since these materials are coarse granules, the teeth wear and enamel enamel layers. As a result, the glare goes out and the food begins to color more quickly, with the foods we eat and drink.

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