Why Istanbul?

With 8,500 years of a glamorous history, İstanbul has always been an important metropolis of its days. Former capital of many empires including Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire the city holds within some of the precious ancient monuments as well as a unique beauty with the Bosphorus running across the city separating Europe and Asia.

You Can Explore

Capital of 3 great empires, population of 14.8 million, 8th most visited city, World’s Leading Congress Destination, 2010 European Capital of Culture, 2012 European Capital of Sport, connecting 2 continents –Europe and Asia, 78 public and private museums, 112 shopping malls, 5 imperial palaces, dozens of summer palaces and mansions, 4 historic bazaars, 54 universities, 4 seasons throughout the year.

You Can Fly

Istanbul is considered to be one of the main air traffic hubs connecting many international airlines from Europe to Middle-East, Asia and Africa. Thanks to the Turkish Airlines massive network (flying to more countries in the world than any other airline) İstanbul became a more popular and widely visited destination with 2 international airports in each continents.

You Can Travel

İstanbul offers a huge network of public transportation which is accessible with a single pass – “İstanbulkart.” With city buses, ‘Dolmuş’ yellow minibus routes, ferries, sea-busses, railways such as subway and tram systems, İstanbul offers plenty of options to get around the city..

You Can Stay

The city has been a hub for many cultures over the centuries. Istanbul offers a variety of accommodation choices. With almost 106,000 bed capacity, over 217 five&four-star hotels including both international and Turkish chains. A variety of deluxe hotels situated in the Bosphorus shore and ancient the peninsula, including suitable lofts near the central areas. The variety of hotels and the breath-taking sites of İstanbul will turn your stay into a unique experience to never be forgotten.

You Can Experience

A wide range of historic places from Ottoman Palace’s to cisterns, from modern facilities to mansions on Bosphorus shores, İstanbul awaits you with unique venues to meet a fusion of diverse cultures and a wonderful cuisine of the East and the West. Whether a gala dinner or a social event, for any programme you may conduct, İstanbul is ready for you with a promise of an unforgettable experience for your events and congresses.

You Can Taste

The Turkish cuisine’s richness of variety offers a wide choice for those who want to experience and enjoy new flavours. From exquisite pastry choices to delicious meat, fish and vegetable specialities; Turkey’s gastronomic panorama reflects a remarkable culinary synthesis coming from its cultural heritage. Istanbul provides a wide range of food choices originated from all around the world.

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